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I didn't go to class today, because my ears heard that 1st subject prof will do a free-cut as well as third subject prof. I don't like 2nd subject so I asked permission from my parents if I can rest today. SO HERE I AM POSTING IN MY SUPPOSEDLY 1ST SUBJECT TIME \o/

Though I woke up with a fever. I knew this was coming since last night I was dead tired carrying my laptop Shunkashuutou all day. You heavy Compaq youuuu. ;____;

Anyway, here I am bearing Tenimyu craze yet again.

1) Dearest new!Ryoma, I'd love to place you inside my pocket and call you mine. So the site has been revamped and I'm feeling really sad about this. 5th cast saying goodbye to their overly huge exposure in the main page. T_T But that's a sign of them evolving. That's a good thing. BUT ENOUGH DRAMA!

Ogoe Yuuki. I am not a fan of Echizen Ryoma and his stupid personality, but seeing him playing the major role in this musical is interesting. At least for me, because he's really one handsome kid and I haven't even seen him around before yeah I know he's in Kiva but I don't have time to watch Sentai right now :|. Bottomline I am loving him to bits and I'm glad that someone as pretty as him is up front. ♥

Wada Takuma. You are so handsome. ♥ I acknowledge you as my buchou. Lol. I wonder if he's related to Wada Taisuke. fffff Small world small world.

Hiramaki Jin. Seriously, this cast is packed with handsome boys men. I like his hair when he's Oishi! Something rare coming from me because 1) Tuti's hair as Oishi creeped me out 2) Zuki's doesn't fit him at all 3) Takiguchi is too handsome for words and for it 4) Toyo fail (blame this on 4th's performance of Do Your Best in DL6th when it was his solo and the lights made a silhouette of Oishi's hideous hair) 5) Tsuji fail x100 (also blaming the backstage of Feat. Shitenhouji or Feat. Rivals where they were lol-ing about hair and he said NO, MY HAIR dammit it caught me off guard roflmao) So I talked about hair.

Mitsuya Ryou. First impression is the same as Hashimoto 'Darling' Taito's. WTF. But I know that he'll be amazing onstage, just like what Taito proved to my face. ^_____^; I am liking his calm demeanor.

Koseki Yuuta. I admit defeat against this pedobait.


Tsurumi Tomohiro. Eeeek, he has nice teeth. I wonder how he'll pull this through with his shouts. XD

Kamitsuru Touru. I noticed that all guys playing Momo either look like Moriyama Eiji (under him is brave face Maki) or Kaji Masaki (under him would be the small eyes Toshi and this guy btw SHINPEI = UNIQUE MMKAY)

Ikeoka Ryousuke. I love this guy. Period.

I have high expectations with this cast because they probably know what they're doing since most of them came from beautiful groups with equally beautiful sempais (Amuse, D-BOYS) and they have already made their debut on various different programs already. Though I know that we were all caught off guard because most of us didn't see this coming...the staff planning ahead and revamping the site so quickly, the surprising fast announcement which made me think that maybe even before DL7th, Ogoe and the others already knew about this and whatnot. This is the very first cast which I feel really light with, and that's a change because I effing hate Seigaku I just like SOME OTHER TEAMS MORE. Mmkay, no more Rikkai to compare them with and all those stuff. *grins* I also didn't really pay attention to 1st cast and their myus so this is new for me-- to watch the production go on from the start. My biggest problem would be expecting too much from them pretties and the changes transitioning from the now-called Season 1 to Season 2 not to mention impatience for Rikkai, Hyoutei and Shitenhouji dammit.

2) Hngh, but look at the cover of the DL7th OST. >_> Okay, but I'm still going to buy it nonetheless.

3) I cried so much. It's wonderful to see the names of the people who once played that character, who continued to make the legacy and who is continuously showing that they still care. ♥ Friendships and strong bonds were made in Tenimyu and we see a part of them that other franchises will never show or offer, and I think that it's enough that once even Mr. Tenimyu Kanechan has graduated and made Tenimyu better. Also scrolling down I lol'ed as I cursed that it would take some effing time before Rikkai would show up. O______O I hope I can wait and I will surely wait! This is a good time for me to see the awesomeness that is Fudomine, Yamabuki and Rudolph which I haven't even tried to see in the first season. I'm badass, sorry. D: NOT TO MENTION FFFFFFFF 'CHARACTOR' *DIES LAUGHING* Ilu, Tennimu site. <3

4) And because I can, the guys who I thought that was the greatest and awesome-est among the other actors who played a Seigaku character.

Ryoma: Takahashi Ryuuki. I thought that 1) Yanagi sucked ass 2) Endo was pale and not so energetic 3) Dori didn't quite get there 4) Shougo I love you and you're the cutest little RyomaCiel thing, but just... 5) RYUUKI, YOU ARE HANDS DOWN AMAZING

Tezuka: Watanabe Daisuke. I had a hard time choosing between MinaKei, BabaRyo and him. But thinking what he's done and how wonderful his aura is when he's onstage or backstage, just ♥

Fuji: Furukawa Yuuta. One thing that disturbs me about him is that he's huge though, lol.

Oishi: Tsujimoto Yuki. It was a tough decision because Toyo was more 'omgtezuka', but that made him quite vulnerable and didn't really display the brave and manly side of Oishi. Tsuji played him very well, me thinks, especially in Feat. Rivals. I didn't get to see 5th cast's Treasure Match performances though. Didn't choose Zuki or the others because unf XD I don't like Takiguchi less. 8)

Kikumaru: Seto Koji. Can't explain. Lol. Shouta is a VERY close second.

Inui: Takahashi Yuuta. No one plays Inui better than him, me thinks. I mean...he can be very flexible with his facial expressions and Inui naturally has this straight face, right? Unlike the other actors who smirk a lot. For me Inui isn't like that at all. He's serious yet has a perverted colorful mind, and so we see Inui mischievously giggling in some Tenipuri scenes. He played him very well to the extent that he WAS Inui. >_>

Taka-san: Hiroaki Ogasawara. Man, that guy swept my feet. It's too bad that he went away too soon. Up until now I don't know why he left.

Momo: Makita Tetsuya. *tear* Toshi, I love you though. It's because Maki was manlier and a deeper voice for the role. Lol.

Kaido: Hirata Yuuichirou. Er, why is it?

Okay, so there you have it. I don't really like 1st cast and never actually dig into them, so sorry. ;~; Plus this list might change because 6th cast is now alive. MY DREAM TEAM LOLZ. *shot*

This entry got so long fffffff. Also this goes to show that I'm not just a Rikkai, Shitenhouji or Hyoutei fangirl, but am interested in Seigaku as well. I am surprised myself. *hides*
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